This concept allows for for development and shared simulations. The hybrid universe allows for coupling real and simulated devices, which can support high-fidelity analysis of outcomes before larger rollouts.

It is an enum in the gridworks SDK.


Simulation running on a single computer.

  • Used for learning and code development.

  • Can run without Internet.

  • Designed to be run by a single individual on their computer. If you are familiar with Algorand, this is like running in sandbox dev mode (and requires the algo sandbox under the hood).

  • Time is not unique. That is, you can run the simulation again, using different parameters, and get different data for the same timestamp.

  • No security.


Anything goes.

  • Designed for multiple people/organizations to interact in a non-production environment.

  • Requires Internet.

  • Financial transactions are simulated.

  • Unique global Hybrid GNodeFactory.

  • TerminalAssets can be avatars for either real or simulated Transactive Devices. Put another way, the validation process for TerminalAssets can be real or simulated.

  • Multiple WorldInstances.

  • Time is unique per WorldInstance. - In ex-poste analysis, data from different actors can be trusted to refer to the same events. - If all devices are simulated, then WorldInstance time can be decoupled from real time. - Evidently, if there are any real devices, WorldInstance time must track real time.

  • Non-production code is allowed to run GNode Actors.

  • There is some basic security.


Money at stake.

  • Unique global Production GNodeFactory

  • Only one WorldInstance.

  • Financial transactions are real.

  • Time is real.

  • Transactive Devices must be real. Put another way, the validation process for a TerminalAsset must be done by a real company that is staking its reputation on the validation.

  • Only allows production code to run a GNode Actor.

  • Production security.

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