At a high level, an AtomicTNode is the GNode responsible for the behavior of a TerminalAsset most of the time. It meets the primary needs of the TerminalAsset (like providing heat, if the asset is a heating system), and it looks at future price and weather forecasts in order to optimize the participation of the TerminalAsset in electricity markets.

The AtomicTNode has a good internal model of how the TerminalAsset works, adjusting and double-checking this getting real-time data from the SCADA.

The owner of the TerminalAsset (TaOwner) chooses the AtomicTNode by entering into a multi-party Representation Contract.

The AtomicTNode has a close working relationship with the SCADA. In a nutshell, whenever the two are successfully communicating, the SCADA lets the AtomicTNode call all the shots on how the TerminalAsset uses (or provides) electrical power.

AtomicTNode is a fundamental GNodeRole and CoreGNodeRole.

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