While there is a single GNodeFactory, GridWorks encourages the formation of multiple GNodeRegistries. Upon creation by the GNodeFactory, each GNode is assigned to a unique GNodeRegistry.

That GNodeRegistry is the authority for information about the GNode that is beyond the concern of the GNodeFactory.

GNodeRole Assignment

If the GNodeFactory has assigned a CoreGNodeRole different than the default Other to a GNode (such as TerminalAsset, AtomicTNode, etc) then the GNodeRegistry’s GNodeRole for the GNode must match that CoreGNodeRole. These are the Roles critical for tracking the copper of the electric grid. However, the GNodeRegistry may assign a GNodeRole of its choosing (such as TimeCoordinator) to any GNode whose CoreGNodeRole is Other.

Device data

AtomicTNode GNode actors need to maintain realistic models of their Transactive Devices in order to do a good job of buying energy and meeting the Service Level Agreement of their device. For example, if a heating system adds additional storage capacity or has a significant change in its heat distribution system, the AtomicTNode needs some way of tracking this. Certain changes to the underlying Transactive Device will actually provoke the retirement of that AtomicTNode/TerminalAsset pair (for example, if the heating system is replaced by a heating system with 3 times the power capacity). Others will just require adjustments to how the AtomicTNode operates.

The SCADA GNode actors have additional requirements, since they run on their associated physical device. For example, a SCADA needs to know how it is sensing power, and this depends of course on its device (e.g. does it have an embedded power meter or is it connected to an eGauge meter using modbus over TCP with the eGauge protocol).

Organizing and maintaining this information is the job of the GNodeRegistry. There is significant discretion in this organization process, and different GNodeRegistries may choose how they do it. GridWorks Energy Consulting has designed one, focused initially on serving thermal storage space heat. A company designing AtomicTNodes and/or SCADA systems for an entirely different class of Transactive Device may choose to collaborate with GridWorks Energy Consulting to expand the scope of the GridWorks GNodeRegistry, or design their own.

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