A TaValidator is an entity authorized to validate Transactive Devices. Anyone can become a TaValidator, once they have gone through the validator certification process with the GNodeFactory.

The TaValidator role is a key in establishing the link of trust between a Transactive Devices and its TerminalAsset. In the Millinocket demo, the first step is a fictitious entity called Molly Metermaid becoming a TaValidator.

Molly Metermaid

Who is likely to become a TaValidator? Organizations that provide Measurement and Verification services to utilities and grid operators are likely candidates. These are organizations involved in evaluating efficiency progams and Demand Response progams.

Triangle of Validation

TaValidator Certificate

An entity is a TaValidator exactly if its Algorand address (TaValidatorAddr) owns a TaValidator Certificate.

This certificate is an Algorand Standard Asset meeting the following criteria:

Unpacking this a bit.

Total An ASA with a total of 1 is an Algorand Non-fungible token, or NFT.

Creator Typically, Algorand Multisig addresses are used when 2 or more signatures are required to sign transactions. This is how we use them: both the candidate TaValidator and the GNodeFactory’s Administrative account (with public address GnfAdminAddr) must sign. That is, they must work together to create the Validator Certificate and transfer it to the TaValidator’s address.

TaValidator Certification Flow

Taalidator Cert Flow

Relevant messages:

  • TavalidatorcertAlgoCreate (api and sdk)

  • TavalidatorcertAlgoTransfer (api and sdk)

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