A TaDeed is a blockchain object associating a Transactive Device to its GridWorks avatar, which is a TerminalAsset. It is analagous in some ways to the deed of a house, in the way that it establishes ownership of a physical asset. However, it goes beyond establishing ownership, since it also provides a mechanism for reducing the counterparty risk in trusting the physical meaning of energy transactions.

TaDeed technical details

A TaDeed can either be an Algorand Standards Asset (ASA), or an Algorand Smart Contract. In either case, the TaDeed makes publicly available both the GNodeAlias of the TerminalAsset, and the Algorand address of the TaValidator.

Why are there two variants of a TaDeed?

  • On the one hand, ASAs are easier for people learning the ropes with Algorand development. Anyone who has made an NFT will be familiar with the mechanics, and it is easier to track transactions in an online tool like Algosearch.

  • On the other hand, the GNodeAlias length cannot exceed 32 characters for an ASA TaDeed. Many TerminalAssets will start with GNodeAliases less than 32 characters, but some will not. In addition, as the online mapping of the electric grid captured by the set of GNodeAliases expands, a TerminalAsset (which represents a leaf node in that tree) will likely get longer.

There is a practical issue with this: the unique ids for ASAs are ints, and the unique ids for SmartSigs are strings (their public AlgoAddress).

ASA TaDeed specs

An ASA TaDeed is an Algorand Standard Asset where:

SmartSignature TaDeed specs

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