A TaDaemon (Ta for TerminalAsset) is a piece of code devoted to serving its TaOwner (usually a human). You can think of it as a combined butler, money manager and personal lawyer. The TaDaemon has an Algorand address (TaDaemonAddr). The TaOwner’s ownership of the TerminalAsset is established by the ownership of a TaDeed by the TaDaemonAddr.

The TaDaemon has two main functions.

  • It keeps the TaDeed and TaTradingRights up to date

  • It enters into a representation contract at the behest of its TaOwner.

The first task is managed in coordination with the GNodeFactory, and is fairly simple: when the GNodeFactory makes a new TaDeed for its TerminalAsset, the TaDaemon returns the old TaDeed and opts into the new TaDeed.

The second task is more complex. It involves providing the TaTradingRights to an AtomicTNode, and entering into a long-term financial agreement that involves both receiving and sending money in a triangle involving the AtomicTNode and its MarketMaker.

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