In the context of GridWorks, SCADA refers to:

  1. A device, and software, that monitors and controls a TerminalAsset

  2. A GNode representing the above.

SCADA is also a more generalized industry term for any device capable of supervisory control and data acquisition.

The functions of the SCADA are pretty straightforward and obvious, given the goals of transactive energy. A SCADA needs to:

  1. Sense and report information relevant to the performance of the TerminalAsset, including but not limited to the power and energy metering;

  2. Let its AtomicTNode call the shots on how the TerminalAsset uses (or provides) electrical power, whenever the two are communicating; and

  3. Do a decent job of running the TerminalAsset on its own when it loses communications with its AtomicTNode.

Go here to examine an example of SCADA software for a thermal storage heating system.

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